Dr Ying Wang

Contact Details
+612 9850 2427

PhD (Computer Science)

Dr Ying Wang is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Informatics in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University. She has comprehensive research experience in machine learning and data mining, and now she focuses on the understanding and modelling of hospital data (clinical incident reports and EMR data), especially automatic classification and analysis of clinical incidents and IT safety problems involved in healthcare service. Her research also involves measuring the effects of computer downtime on hospital processes.

Before joining the AIHI, she was postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and investigated medical imaging analysis and classification methods. Her contribution was recognized in the early detection of mild cognitive impairment by identifying brain biomarkers based on MRI brain imaging.

Broad Research Areas:
machine learning, data mining, image analysis and classification, text analysis and semantic understanding

Specific Research Keywords:
Patient safety informatics, E-health, Health IT, automatic clinical incident classification

University role
Research Fellow
  1. Y Wang, E Coiera, B Gallego, OP Concha, MS Ong, G Tsafnat, D Roffe, G Jones, F Magrabi, Measuring the effects of computer downtime on hospital pathology processes, Journal of biomedical informatics 59, 308-315, 2015
  2. Y Wang, Y Fan, P Bhatt, C Davatzikos, High-dimensional pattern regression using machine learning: From medical images to continuous clinical variables, NeuroImage 50 (4), 1519-1535, 2010
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