Centre for Research Excellence in Implementation Science in Oncology

Project Main Description

Cancer is the main cause of death in Australia. Even with survival rates improving, the number of new cases of cancer diagnosed each year is rising. The issue has been recognised and much research has been undertaken to determine the causes of cancer and the best policies for intervention and care. However, in the landmark Australian CareTrack study by AIHI it was shown that patients received appropriate levels of preventative care in only 42% of encounters.

The NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Implementation Science in Oncology (CRE-ISO) aims to change this. It will focus on turning the vast body of research available in the field into effective policy and most importantly, enhanced, evidence-based practice. We aim to generate new practical and publishable knowledge; promote its effective transfer; and develop, energise and transform the field’s workforce.

Researchers will work side-by-side with clinicians, policy makers and patients. Centred on care provided at two major NSW hospital cancer centres, the research projects under the banner of the CRE will aim to publish ground-breaking research while also guiding the development of practices for the implementation of findings in order to deliver effective care to those who need it.

This research program focusses on the following key aims:

  • Generate new knowledge that leads to improved health outcomes
  • Promote effective transfer of research outcomes into health policy and/or practice
  • Develop the health and medical research workforce by providing opportunities to advance the training of new researchers, particularly those with a capacity for independent research and future leadership roles
  • Facilitate collaboration amongst participants and with external stakeholders
Project Sponsors

NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence

Collaborative Partners
  • Professor Robyn Ward, AM, University of Queensland
  • Professor David Currow, Flinders University
  • Professor Geoff Delaney, Liverpool Hospital
  • Professor Richard Kefford, AM, Macquarie University
  • Professor Ian Olver, AM, University of South Australia
  • Professor Jonathan Karnon, The University of Adelaide
  • Professor Phil Crowe, University of New South Wales
  • Associate Professor Winston Liauw, St George Hospital and Community Health Service
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